How to change your reviews import setting

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Change your default reviews importing setting setting here:
  1. Rating filter:
    1. 5 star only: Only get review 5 star
    2. 4 star or more: Get review 4 star and 5 star
    3. 3 star or more: Get review 3,4,5 star
    4. Any star: Get all star
  2. Content filter: 
    1. Only reviews with text content: Only import reviews with content.
    2. Only reviews with images: Only import reviews with images.
  3. Country filters: Reviews from all countries will be all imported by default setting. However, you can always choose your desired countries to import reviews, others will be moved to Other categories.
  4. Reviews to import: The number of reviews that you would like to import
  5. Translate reviews: If you choose this option, all reviews will be translated to English using AliExpress translation.
  6. Filter review with keyword: All review content containing your filled-in keywords will be removed.